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Professors you actually know. Advisors who actually advise. Experiences that actually deliver. What’s your purpose?
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Our faculty are here to focus on students and our programs are designed to give you big opportunities.
And it all starts on day one.

We’re making it easier for students to discover the value of a life lived on PURPOSE.

Beginning in the Fall of 2022, Roanoke College is resetting its published tuition from $46,510 to $33,510.

Finding Your

Sense of Purpose

At Roanoke College, we offer wide open spaces – academically and experientially – and we invite you to explore, not just check off to-do lists. Piece by piece. Class by class. Experience by experience. Bit by bit. Our faculty and advisors ask questions, give you opportunities and help you find the answers.

When what you LOVE, what you are GOOD AT, what you VALUE and WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS all come together, college becomes a true education, a job becomes a high-value career, and you’re on your way to a life lived on purpose.
Jordan Robinson Portrait

"I want to take what I've learned at Roanoke and be able to apply it wherever I go. As a student, I'm not going to remain in the classroom forever. So, if I only take what I learn in the classroom and apply it in the classroom, what education did I really get?"

Jordan Robinson
Class of 2022
Scotti Hartman Portrait

“Roanoke College taught me to follow my gut instincts and to shine where I know that I'm talented. It was all right to listen to my true self and explore what that meant. It helped me achieve a wonderful education and gave me leadership skills that carried on through my professional life.”

Scotti Hartman '91
Director of Community and Development, Richfield Living
Hunter Bohon Portrait

“When I first came to Roanoke College, I was a little shy. I didn't really know what I really wanted to do here. And then through all of the things I've been a part of, I basically rose in the ranks and found out that I'm a really good leader.”

Hunter Bohon
Class of 2023
Samantha Rosenthal Portrait

“I think that in my life, but also in students' lives, the goal is to find balance between finding things that bring us joy, but also putting ourselves into challenging situations. The struggle is part of how we grow and how we become stronger citizens and stronger people in the world.”

Dr. Samantha Rosenthal
Associate Professor, History
Catherine Montalvo Portrait

“My purpose is to help people in any way that I can. I volunteer with Habitat for Humanity when I can, I'm in a service fraternity, and that's why I'm in it. It makes me happy. It makes me feel fulfilled and it does something else.”

Catherine "Cici" Montalvo
Class of 2022
Cyrus Pace Portrait

“Knowing that I can do real good in my community by focusing on things that matter - that brings me joy. I've also become more comfortable with the idea that you can do something that matters and also get paid to do it.”

Cyrus Pace '98
Executive Director, Jefferson Center
Grace Robinson Portrait

"I have discovered that my purpose is to help create safe spaces for people. For people to be their authentic self. Where you don't have to check yourself at the door, you don't have to be this cookie cutter version of you, but you can be truly a hundred percent who you are."

Grace Robinson
Class of 2022
Renee Turk Portrait

"Purpose to me is thinking about what principles and values give your life meaning and what you need to do - letting those guide you and your actions and your beliefs."

RenÉe Turk '77
Mayor, City of Salem
Scott Thacker Portrait

"In the dining hall to housekeeping, to every sport here, to every professor here, we want our students to have a great college experience and get a great education. But we want them to be great people and we want to see the best in them and the greatness in them come out."

Scott Thacker
Head Coach, Men's and Women's Swimming
Emily Norton Portrait

"I cannot emphasize enough how big of a role advising at Roanoke has had in changing my life and how big of a role my advisors have in my life. If I have questions, not only is someone going to definitely be there for me, but they're also going to know a lot about that specialty."

Emily Norton
Class of 2023
Kasey Draper Portrait

"I've learned a lot about myself and how I respond to challenges and adversities. Whether it's in the classroom, in the cafeteria, on the basketball court, I've learned how to handle those challenges and come out on top."

Kasey Draper
Class of 2023
Sharon Gibbs Portrait

"You could probably teach at other places, you might be able to guide students in other places, but that small friendly community really spoke to me and attracted me to Roanoke College. I find joy here because I'm able to help others."

Sharon Gibbs
Interim Associate Dean, Academic Affairs and Student Engagement
Associate Professor, Accounting
Kristi Rolf Portrait

"At Roanoke College, I’ve learned about myself. Getting involved in psychology research as an undergraduate has been a big boost in my confidence. It helped me realize the things I’m capable of and that really gave me the confidence I needed to keep pursuing it."

Kristi Rolf
Class of 2023
Chris Turnbull Portrait

"Going to Roanoke College allowed me to explore so many different opportunities. I had wonderful mentors. I had peers, I had colleagues who encouraged me to stretch myself, my thinking, what I might've been interested in, and that extends beyond college for me."

Chris Turnbull '00
Senior Director of Corporate Communications, Carilion Clinic

Maroon Mentors

Our Maroon Mentors program pairs our 15,000-strong alumni network with our students to enhance student connections to high-value careers and lives with meaning and purpose.
Chris Turnbull
Carilion Clinic


A sense of purpose takes you to a higher place. Academic studies and campus experience take on a new meaning when it becomes about more than just making the grade.


Loving what you do and designing a life around that leads to a better career, more happiness and overall wellbeing. Simply put, you find a life you enjoy.


More than just a job to pay the bills, understanding your idea of success leads to high-value careers that light you up and give you the life you desire.
Find Your
PLACE Logo illustration
We’re so big on purpose we’re launching PLACE.
Our on-campus center will be dedicated to helping students find their place through Purpose, Life And Career Exploration. Dedicated faculty and counselors guide you as you explore your ambitions, your calling and your next steps to get there.

One-on-One Advising

Career and life design counseling to guide you through the pursuit of purpose on campus and in life beyond


Guidance on the best opportunities to explore your interests and passions on campus and off

Alumni Access

Connection to a 15,000-strong Maroon Mentors alumni network for advice and career connections

Document Development

Support developing impressive resumes, professional documents and winning job/grad school applications


Graduate school applications and examinations

Professional Coaching

Career, internship and interview coaching, counseling and planning
of Roanoke College graduates have found a meaningful career
Compared to 80% of graduates from other colleges


of Roanoke College graduates feel their job is important based on the mission or purpose of their organization
Compared to 77% of graduates from other colleges


of Roanoke College graduates have job offers or grad school within 6 months of graduation


Roanoke College is much more than a place to start your career...

It’s a PLACE to Build a Life with PURPOSE

We put you at the center of our lives to help you design your own. You see what’s right for you. You learn what you’re about. And you take all that with you when you graduate.
Engage, Discover, Reflect, Design, Pursue

Career Resources

We are here to keep you open to the possibilities and turn those into opportunities for your career and beyond. It's all right here.

We're here to help you find a

High-Value Career and a Life with Meaning and Purpose

Amy Foster Portrait

Mrs. Amy Foster

Assistant Director of Career Services
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Jonathan Lee Portrait

Mr. Jonathan Lee

Director of Alumni Engagement & Student Enrichment
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Kelly Dalaski Portrait

Mrs. Kelly Dalaski

Assistant Director of Student Orientation & Development
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Courtney Padgett Portrait

Ms. Courtney Padgett

Coordinator of Operations
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Erin Wojtkun Portrait

Dr. Erin Wojtkun

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Ms. Synethia Curtis

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